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We rely completely on our adoption fees and donations to provide food, shelter, and medical treatment for the homeless cats in our care. We love them all because we believe that each of their lives is precious.

You, too, can be a part of their lives.
You can sponsor a pet in memory of or in honor of someone. It's a wonderful way to remember a beloved person or pet. It also makes a nice gift for an animal lover. Your name will appear in the sponsored pet's listing, and we will notify the person you specify of your donation. Note: A pet may be sponsored by more than one person! Sponsorship is not tied to the adoption process and does not put a hold on the pet. If you prefer, you may sponsor a pet anonymously.
If you are a business, we can even put your linked banner on this page.
For a tax deductable donation of just $50, you can sponsor one of our fur friends or new fur families. Let us know which furry love you would like to sponsor and any details you would like us to know.
Click on the Pay Pal button to sponsor a furry friend.