After many years, we're updating our website so please pardon our construction dust and links that don't go where they are supposed to.  Once we are finished, we think you will like the outcome.

Mission Statement

Candy's Cats' mission is to save cats. We take in these beautiful cats & provide loving foster care. They are tested for feline aids & leukemia, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped & medical conditions are treated. Once healthy, we find them homes. 


As you know, by rescuing these kittens and spaying the mommies we are saving a multitude of felines from a life of misery but… our costs, for things like special kitten & mommy food, flea supplies and various medications, surgeries and medical issues, have greatly depleted our operating funds and adoption fees do not cover all these expenses.

Your financial support would be greatly appreciated!

How Can You Help?

Adoption makes life sweeter. If you can, adopt one of our beautiful felines, please complete an online application.  Visit us at one of our three adoption centers.
If you can't adopt, Foster - www.candyscats.org/forms 

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  Chit (KJ/KLL) 6.14.09
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  Bell & Tinker  (LB/CS) 4.5.08
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  Edgar (KLL) 4.14.11
I was born outside and trapped in a cared for colony before ...read more about Edgar (KLL) 4.14.11
  Shoz (KJ) 3.9.11
She was trapped as a kitten in a colony of over 40 cats, a...read more about Shoz (KJ) 3.9.11
  Hillman nka Lilly (SLK) 3.28.13
Hillman is a gray & white Manx kitty. She loves to be pe...read more about Hillman nka Lilly (SLK) 3.28.13
  Sally (KLL) 8.28.14
Sally was adopted, then returned for being shy.  She wo...read more about Sally (KLL) 8.28.14
  Brandewyn (LB) 4.1.16
Consider sharing your home with this beautiful girl!  ...read more about Brandewyn (LB) 4.1.16
  Jewel & Lilly (TH/KJ) 4.2.17
UPDATE: 8/2019 Due to unforeseen circumstances these beau...read more about Jewel & Lilly (TH/KJ) 4.2.17
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PetSmart Winter Garden -- Saturday January 18th, 2020
PetSmart Winter Garden -- Sunday January 19th, 2020
PetSmart Winter Garden -- Saturday January 25th, 2020
PetSmart Winter Garden -- Sunday January 26th, 2020
PetSmart Winter Garden -- Saturday February 1st, 2020


Q.  How can one person save 100 homeless cats?

Dottie 2
A. It's easy. Just spay just one.